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Copyright © 2011-2013

Copyright © 2011-2013

Vincent – Homersham Vincent


DOB: 11th May 2006


Vincent is a very handsome, placid, easygoing, intelligent boy.  He is our family pet primarily, but takes his part time job very seriously when being visited by his girlfriends, who in the past have produced fabulous puppies.  Please book early to avoid disappointment!


Puppies due now.  Please contact me for details of breeders who have used Vincent to sire their litter. Although I have met all these people at the time of mating and they have shown me the necessary health documents for their bitch that I require and they have assured me that they rear their puppies the way that we would expect here at Homersham, I have NOT inspected their premises or indeed seen their litters, so these contacts are given without endorsing their breeding techniques and it is up to you to satisfy yourself that they are operating similarly to our own standards at Homersham.  Here at Homersham, we abide by the rules and guidelines set out by The Assured Breeder Scheme of The Kennel Club.  I can only take their word for it and trust that they give their 'all' in to each litter and conduct themselves similarly to the way that I believe is the correct dedication necessary for each litter.  I take no responsibility for their litters; I am sharing their details in 'good faith'.


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